Model 2500 Catalytic

High Valley Wood Stove

When you choose the 2500 bay window stove, you realize an efficient, aesthetically pleasing unit that will transform your heating needs and add appeal to your home. The unit comes standard with High Valley's unique air wash system to keep the view of the fire clear.

High Valley Fireplace Inserts are now available with special Surround Kits that include a special design as well as added embellishments to the stove. See the "Surrounds" tab below for more details.


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  • 2500 Specifications

    Physical Size

    32.5" 24"27.5"565 lbs.

    Fireplace Opening

    HearthMin. HeightMin. WidthMin. Depth
    11.5" 24.5"33" 14"

    Firebox Details

    Firebox SizeWood SizeFlueEmissions
    3.5 cu. ft. 22" 8" *3.1 grams/hr.
    can be 6" with use of approved flue collar adapter


    Burn Time Max. BTUsHeat AreaBlower
    12 - 15 hrs. 55,000 1200-2500 sq. ft.200 CFM
  • Compare Fireplace Inserts

    Cast Iron DoorSS
    Catalytic CombustorSS
    Plated DoorOO
    8" - 6" Flue ReducerOO
    Burnished FinishesOO
    Catalyst ThermometerOO
    Max. Log Size21"22"
    Approx. Burn Time7 hrs8 hrs
    Firebox Size2.5 cu. ft.3.5 cu. ft.
    Blower Size 75 CFM 200 CFM
    Efficiency 83% 75%
    Weight386 lbs.565 lbs.
    Emissions 3.4 gr./hr. 3.1 gr./hr.
      S = Standard     O = Option     N/A = Not Applicable
  • Support

    Download 2500 Owner's Manual | 487k PDF
    Download Catalyst Removal & Maintenance Guide | 667k PDF
    Download 2500 Wiring Diagram | 618k PDF

  • You can choose from four surrounds for your High Valley 1500 or 2500 fireplace insert. The Blacksmith Surround and Old World Surround include both a unique surround and special accents on the stove itself. The Flat Fit Surround and Original Surround are surrounds only. Custom size, arch, and custom designed surrounds are also available. Each one is laser-cut from a single sheet of steel for perfect fit.

    High Valley 2500 Blacksmith Kit High Valley 2500 Old World Kit
    Blacksmith SurroundOld World Surround
    High Valley Fireplace Insert High Valley 1500 w/ Custom Bar Iron Surround & 1517 Louver
    Original SurroundFlat Fit Surround