Freestanding Stoves

High Valley Wood Stove

High Valley Stoves by Stoll has designed four different freestanding wood stove models for our customers to choose from. Specifications and features vary from model to model. Our catalytic stoves, the model 1500 & 2500, use Firecat catalytic combustors while our models 1600 & 1300 are non-catalytic stoves.

If you are new to catalytic stoves or would like to read more about them, visit the Firecat Blog. You can also watch the short video at the end of this page for more details about a catalytic stove. Custom Fireplaces has an excellent article outlining the differences between catalytic and non-catalytic stoves. There are also many excellent forums and how-to helps available for wood stoves in general. The Hearth Room at is an excellent source for tips, guides, etc. pertaining to stoves.

For advice and tips on woods stoves from the EPA, see their write-up "Choosing the Right Wood Stove".

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Catalytic Stoves

High Valley Wood Stove High Valley Wood Stove
Model 2500 Model 1500

Non-Catalytic Stoves

High Valley Wood Stove High Valley Wood Stove
Model 1600 Model 1300
Black DoorSSSS
Antique Copper DoorOOON/A
Antique Brass Door O O O N/A
Dark Pewter DoorOOON/A
Collar Ring S SN/AN/A
PedestalOO OS
Catalyst Thermometer S SN/AN/A
Max. Log Size21"22"21" 16"
Approx. Burn Time 8-12 hrs 12-15 hrs 12-15 hrs 6-8 hrs
Firebox Size2.5 cu. ft.3.5 cu. ft.2.7 cu. ft.1.5 cu. ft.
Fan BlowerSSOS
Blower Size75 CFM200 CFM75 CFM75 CFM
Efficiency 83% 75% 79.7% 75.1%
BTU's 35,000 60,000 45,000 55,000
Weight386 lbs.565 lbs.581 lbs.275 lbs.
  S = Standard     O = Option     N/A = Not Applicable

How To Burn Wise with EPA Catalytic Stove